Without drapes is it curtains?

Without drapes is it curtains?

Curtains form the most important part of your home decor. Imagine a house without curtains. It is like a man without clothes or a flower without petals or trees without leaves. It will be an incomplete home. Curtains give your house a furnished look. They dress up your windows and, most important of all, they protect your house from sunlight and look from unwanted people into your family peace. Curtains come in a variety of fabrics and designs. You can get normal curtains for your house or expensive designer ones. From silk to cotton to satins to nets to lace to nylon you name it and you will get it, in all fabrics, simple to rich, thick to diaphanous, anything that you want.

Shower Curtains

As the name suggests, shower curtains are used in the bathroom around the shower area to keep the water from getting all over the bathroom floor. This helps you to keep your bathroom dry and clean at all times. Different synthetic or natural materials determine the different types of shower curtains. Polyester and vinyl shower curtains are waterproof and inexpensive. If you have a bathroom which is luxurious this type of curtain will not match the decor of your room. Curtains made of cotton and linen looks plush and elegant but they mildew if they get damp. You can combine vinyl with cotton for attractiveness and for utility. Vinyl shower curtains come in every imaginable color, pattern and motif. This makes them adaptable to all kinds of styles from the bathroom of your master bedroom to guest’s room to children’s bathroom. Popular themes include rubber ducks, fish, sea shells, sail boats, balloons, clouds, or any simple patterned design. The background can be clear, so you can keep an eye on your children when they shower, or it can be an opaque shade. The advantage of vinyl and polyester curtains is that they keep the water inside the tub instead of it splashing onto the ground. Fabric shower curtains are permanent additions to the functions and decor of a bath room. Some are designed to match towels and bathmats. Some textiles have been treated with stain resistors and waterproof coatings to combat moisture, as they are more likely to absorb splashes. Hemp shower curtains provide the best of both worlds: cotton and vinyl, the heavy fabric is made of plant fiber like linen or cotton. However hemp is naturally antibacterial and anti fungal so it resists mildew and soap stains.

Kitchen Curtains

Kitchens have come a long way from the time when necessity and safety dictated that they be located outside the home. Through the years kitchens have evolved based on the needs and demands of the family and today era kitchens must be multifunctional. The most important thing while doing curtains for the kitchen is that these curtains should not obscure the entire kitchen concept. It is important to make sure that the cabinets and counter tops are in perfect coordination with the curtains you choose for your kitchen. When you choose the color for your kitchen curtains make sure you do that on a sunny day to make sure that it gives you the look you want. It is best not to choose synthetic or nylon kitchen curtains for safety reasons. Natural fabric like cotton is usually recommended for kitchen windows.

Window Curtains

A house with big windows and beautiful curtains in bright hues is everyone’s dream. Window curtains come in all materials, colors and textures. You will have a myriad of designs to choose your window curtains from. There are a few things you should keep in mind when you go to select curtains for your window: the color of the curtain should compliment the color of the wall of the room, if your room is small you should go for light colors and if the room is big you should for dark colors as it makes your room look spacious yet compact. The sunnier side of your house should have thick curtains to block the sunlight from heating up your room too much and on the other side you can always use fabrics like net or lace. The design that you choose completely depends on which room you are doing the curtains in. If it is the kid’s room then you should choose something like cartoons or alphabets or numbers or animals etc. If it’s the master bedroom then the curtains should add to the grace of the room, you can have big motifs or designs and the guest room curtains should be subtle and in warm colors. The design completely depends on your liking but you should also remember that the functionality of the curtain should be maintained.

Country Curtains

Window coverings come in so many different varieties today that it may be hard to decide on what you want. The decision may come down to personal taste but you can help yourself by doing some research on different varieties of window coverings. One popular type of window covering is the roman shade which is also known as country curtains. They are flat shades with dowels slotted horizontally up the back so they can be pulled up into soft horizontal folds. Roman shades give a clean modern look to your window space.

Curtain rods

No matter how good your curtains are, without curtain rods you just cannot put them in place. Curtain rods hold the curtains from the window top and let the curtain fall to its full length. You should first determine if you want to mount your curtain rods on the window casing or on the wall. You can choose the color of the rods to match the color of the wall or the curtains. The brackets that you choose for the rods can range from simple to intricate ones. The choice is completely yours and make sure you choose the best keeping in mind both your taste and your pocket.

how to do it yourself- home improvement projects

how to do it yourself- home improvement projects

The importance of an organized, well-run home can not be over-stressed. Your home, and thus your family, will run more efficiently, and with efficiency comes less stress and more joy. More time to enjoy the pleasures of life. The little time it takes to put the system into place will be given back to you many, many times over – you will reap what you sow.

There are a few things to consider when formulating your individual plan of attack. Where do you see the problem areas in your home and life? Are the keys always missing? The sports equipment strewn about? Bills going unpaid, perhaps piling up with junk mail? Have you tripped over that pile of shoes for the last time – again?

Sometimes the best way to fix these problems is to stop fighting them. At this point, you are inevitably saying to yourself ìWhat in the world..î Stay with me, and I believe you will see the sense here. If your family continues to leave their shoes like landmines in the hallway or by the door instead of taking them to their rooms or the hall closet, perhaps you should consider placing an attractive basket there for people to kick their shoes into. Work with your family’s tendencies, and you will see more positive results with less headaches.

Some things require a bit more willpower, but once you incorporate them into your routine, you will wonder why you ever did otherwise. If you need a place to keep your keys or your badge for work, think of a bowl or hook by the door. Maybe a tray on your dresser, if you find yourself coming home and rushing to change into something comfortable. Work with what feels natural, then enforce it. If you sort the mail each day and promptly get rid of the ads and junk mail, you will save yourself a great deal of grief. No more desks or kitchen tables or catch-all baskets swimming in useless papers – you can see the few things that do need attending to with ease.

Consider storage solutions and shelving for every room of your house. Use baskets and bins to further corral items, and your solution can be as attractive as it is smart. In the kitchen and pantry you can contain plastic storage containers, spices, sauce packets, anything you see causing clutter. In the bathroom cabinet, sassy baskets can hold hair products, lotions, makeup – whatever you see jumbled there. In the den, look to rein in toys, blankets, books, music, etc, with a beautiful trunk or basket matched to your decor – a storage ottoman answers many needs at once!

If you set your mind to making your home function as easily as possible, every little step you take will get you closer. Soon you will be able to enjoy it and your family, and they will thank you for it.

Home Office

Home Office

For many home business owners, running a business at home can create the problem of being distracted by every little thing. The telephone, television, kids, visiting neighbours, and even pets become a distraction when the home office isn’t set up properly because it is still integrated into the other parts of the home. A proper home office should allow you to have a space in which you can focus on your work, and where you are not even tempted to become distracted by other aspects of life. Investing in creating a proper home office will increase the way that you value your business, and in turn you will see an increase in productivity and profits.

The primary goal to a home office is to separate the space from other parts of the home. If you do not have an extra room to devote to your home office, you can create a separate space with screens or curtains. Visually blocking off the space asserts the difference between living area and working area to both yourself and others.

It is also key to have a separate phone line. It is virtually impossible to get any work done if the phone is ringing every ten minutes because the kid’s dentist is calling, or your aunt wants to chat for half an hour. Make sure that you distribute your business phone number to clients, employees and employers only.

Make sure that there is adequate lighting for reading and doing paperwork. Also make sure that you have your career goals posted in sight ñ these will remind you to get back to work when your mind starts straying. Remember, you will only benefit from the amount of work that you actually get done!

Also, post your daily schedule somewhere that you will see it. This schedule should map out the way that you will divide your time between family, leisure and work. By doing this, you will avoid taking extremely long lunch breaks, or running out the door to pick up that item you forgot to get at the grocery store when it pops into your mind.

Finally, make your space a place you want to be! By making your office inviting, you will probably enjoy your work more and find yourself gravitating toward it instead of being repelled by it. Just make sure that it is not overly inviting ñ afternoon snoozes are a big no no!

Design of an apartment: space, colour, style.

Design of an apartment: space, colour, style.

In order to create a harmonious, convenient interior in one’s own apartment, firstly, it is necessary “to plan” a living space on paper. As experience shows, drawing up of a design-project is better to divide into a number of stages, taking into account some general rules at that.

Organisation of space is both the most complex, and the most interesting stage where an inventor and a designer should awake within you. And the less the metric area of an apartment is, the more actively the inventor’s idea should work.

For example, if there are small rooms in an apartment, it is not necessary to block them up with wardrobes – it is better to move all the wardrobes to the corridor or the hall, and use mirrors and local lighting in addition to the basic one more actively in the rooms.

While planning the living space of your apartment or house, it is necessary to arm with a pencil and paper and make up a detailed plan with the exact sizes of rooms, door and window apertures, height of walls, etc, otherwise, a bought sofa or a chest of drawers can simply not blend in the space intended for it.

The next stage is a colour solution.

It is necessary to take this question just as serious. Skilfully using a colour scale in decoration of the dwelling, it is possible to achieve a good psychological effect, positively influencing on a condition and mood of visitors and members of the household. Paints bear certain energy – colour can comfort, stimulate, inspire and even heal. Before making a final decision as to the colour, pay attention, what cardinal point the windows are oriented at:: if to the north it is recommended to use a colour scale in warm colour tones, if to the south – then cold ones.

The next stage – determination of style, texture and light.

Generally, in design of interiors elements of a rather a large number of “historical” styles are used. It can be the baroque, rococo, classics, pseudo-Gothic, the Victorian style, the modernist style, art deco, constructivism, minimalism, hi-tech and, finally, eclecticism.

It is clear, that the baroque, rococo, pseudo-Gothic are appropriate for country houses or spacious apartments with high ceilings.

The baroque and rococo are characterised by wide and volumetric floristic stucco mouldings, painted ceilings, gilt details of decor, fabric wall-papers, a marble mosaic of floors, armchairs and sofas fitted with silk, a refined colour scale which is characterised not by “basic” colours rather than their complex tones.

Creating a “Gothic” interior, it will be correct to upholster walls with oak panels with carved slats and decorate one of the walls with a Gobelin tapestry displaying a stage from hunting or, say, a performance of troubadours.

A table in the “Gothic style” should be rough and primitive, a bed – in the same vein, with a baldachin and carved columns. But the most important thing here is a free, through and dashing space, elevating force of emptiness which is spiritualised by stained-glass windows.

For those keen on the English classical style, The Victorian interior – a mix of classicism, Roman motives, gothic styles, rococo, the empire style, Oriental arabesques and Asian exotic will be very interesting.

The English feeling of measure has allowed to consolidate all this variety which is shown in subtleties of semitones and colour scores. In such a house a spacious hall looks as a “high-grade” room with a monumental carved table, a mirror in a carved frame, a large chest of drawers – pier-glass table, a striking long-case clock, a sprawling hat tree with iron hooks, “a cell” for umbrellas and newspapers. Walls are planked with panels from either mahogany or oak, and the ceiling is decorated with a floristic stucco moulding. A visiting card of a Victorian house is a drawing room with its sofas and armchairs and a dominant rococo. Onto the fireplace porcelain vases and decorative dishes are usually placed, walls are decorated with pictures, family photos, diplomas and letters.
The most poetical and fairytale interior style is the modernist style.

Apartment Design

Apartment Design

Good bathroom tile design should create a floor surface that is attractive, water-resistant and safe to walk on. Bathroom tile designs using ceramic tile, rubber flooring or vinyl and linoleum floors are all examples of bathroom tile design material choices that should be available nearly anywhere.

These types of tiles are easy to clean, water-resistant and safe to walk on. If you are going to use natural stone or terra-cotta ceramic tiles on your floors to create a more sophisticated effect, make sure you buy the kind with a non-slip finish.

As you consider which bathroom tile designs to select, each type of tile will have unique properties that may or may not provide characteristics that are good for your bathroom. Here are different material types for bathroom tile design along with the advantages or disadvantages of each:

1. Laminate and Vinyl Bathroom Tile Design – these types of tile in bathroom tile designs can be found in a variety of colours, patterns and textures. Some tiles even imitate wood, stone and ceramic. It is not very expensive, is water resistant, easy to install and clean and it is durable.

2. Ceramic Bathroom Tile Design – ceramic tile can range from fairly cheap to expensive and it is the classic choice. Tile is made of clay, shale or porcelain and is formed and fired at very high temperatures until it hardens. The higher the temperature and the more times the tile is fired, the harder and less porous the tile. If you are using a white or cream ceramic tile for your bathroom, using a different colour grout like “blue” will give your bathroom a dramatic look. Grout is the material used to fill the spaces between the tiles. Make sure you apply sealers to grout lines in areas of heavy wear like countertops. Sealers will also preserve grout colours.

3. Stone Bathroom Tile Designs (marble, granite, brick, slate, onyx, travertine and limestone) – this tile can be beautiful, very strong, durable in high-traffic areas, it will last a long time, is low maintenance and easy to clean. However, it is expensive, it’s a cold material, can be slippery and absorbs stains easily.

4. Linoleum Bathroom Tile Design – this tile is made of renewable and natural materials like linseed oil, ground cork, limestone, jute and wood flour. This type of bathroom floor is making a comeback with new marbled and graphic designs, and it is more durable and easier to clean than vinyl tile.

5. Mosaic Bathroom Tile – this wonderful tile was an ancient craft that today can be made of tile, stone, porcelain and coloured glass, creating stunning floor patterns. These tiles are small (1 or 2 inches square) and often expensive. What you can do is to add a small section of this type of tile for visual interest to your floor or countertop.

6. Concrete Bathroom Tile Designs – durable, low maintenance, perfect for wet areas and stunning. You can find this type of tile in beautiful textures such as shiny, rough, slick and sandpaper and in various colours and sizes.

7. Hardwood – you can build your bathroom floor using solid wood, parquet flooring or engineered woods (several layers of wood laminated and high-tech materials that are similar to plywood). Hardwoods are wear-resistant, attractive, comfortable to walk on, easy to clean and refinish, not very cold in winter, but they are more vulnerable to moisture when used in a bathroom.

If you want to use a bathroom tile design that includes rugs in your bathroom, make sure you buy the kind that has rubber backing, or add rubber backing strips to the rugs. Be careful with rugs that can slip and slide on a tiled floor or natural stone floor which creates a safety hazard. Rugs can also harbour dust mites and allergens which is a problem for people with allergies.

Whether you’ll be remodelling an old bathroom or creating a brand new one, being active in the design stage helps ensure that your bathroom turns out just like you want. The bathroom tile designs and styles, colours, patterns and sizes you choose can help you have a bathroom that is comfortable, attractive and functional and a room that you will enjoy every day.

5 Places To Get Kitchen Design Ideas

5 Places To Get Kitchen Design Ideas

Every bathroom needs to be tidy and splendid for which you have to cast the elements of comfort and luxury in your bathrooms. An exquisite bathroom requires the elements of elegance that reflects the tone of your bathrooms and your personality as a person using the bathroom.

Bathroom is a place to drain out all your weariness of being a daylong spilling of energy due to stress and burden of work. To heal your all day long stress needs a royal treatment which can be obtained in a royal bathroom with the tendency of cleanliness, elegance and proper hardware choice to your bathroom.

Hardware choices should be the primary concern when designing a bathroom. Looks of your bathroom cause a palatable and opulent bath according to your preferences and choices. Gloomy and lack of ventilated bathroom can only give a give an unconsummated bath with no satisfaction.

To make your bathrooms more elegant and ornamental you should give emphasise upon few things as follows:

Bathroom lighting:

Bathroom lights give a special costume to your bathroom. Your bathroom should be illuminated by natural daylights along with artificial lights. Lighting gives a complete alteration in terms of looks of the bathrooms.

When diffused day light mingle with artificial lights make the bathroom space more pleasant and loving. You can select a wide range of bathroom lights according to your choices and preferences as below:

Down lights & Shower lights

Spot Lights

Ceiling Lights

Wall Lights

Mirror & Shaving Lights

If you are a busy person with lack of time and you are staying in Birmingham, UK then you can get it from purebathrooms.net.

So these bathroom lights will give your bathrooms a new and elegant looks.

Bathroom heat and ventilation:

A royal bathroom should have optimum ventilation and heat maintenance. By maintaining the proper heat and ventilation you can give a gear of freshness to your bathroom.

Ventilation, how ever is essential to eliminate odour and moisture. Operable windows are helpful for ventilation and heat, but extractor fans are more particular in case of heat and ventilation.

Bathroom mirrors:

Bathroom mirrors are the integrated part of the bathroom decoration. Bathroom mirrors helps to exhibit the bathroom more spacious and designing. Bathroom mirrors give a complete alteration to your bathroom.

One of the most important functions of bathroom mirror is to reflect lights both artificial and natural. Bathroom mirrors increase the shiny quality and trigger the drama of your bathrooms. Mirror also can be used to reflect the favourite objects in the bathroom.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Prolonged gazing into one’s bathroom mirror used to be considered quite a vice. For vanity, it is said, is the step-sister of pride. With nothing more to the bathrooms of yesteryear than a sink, toilet, and mirror, we were offered little choice about where our focus should fall once through the bathroom door. And while Narcissus brought his own demise through excessive “self-reflection,” we can probably be forgiven for rendering the bathroom mirror as our observation
point of choice.

The Afterthought

After all, the bathroom used to be the afterthought of home building and design. Bathroom design kept to the basics: A toilet, sink cabinet combo, and perhaps some tile. Add some colour matching, a couple of wall hangings, and of course, the mirror, and voila: your task was complete!

In hindsight, designing yesterday’s bathroom was really a simple and efficient process. In hindsight, creating such a bathroom was magnificently uninspiring, unimaginative, and dull.

With limited choices, and prohibitive pricing, vanities of distinction rarely entered the equation for a homeowner without a numeral at the end of their name. Even for those with limitless means, such a task usually involved finding the right piece of furniture in the appropriate size before hiring a carpenter (to cut a hole into the top) and a plumber (to retrofit a sink and plumbing). It required resourcefulness, planning, lots of time, and even more cash.

The Fine Furniture Revolution

The rethinking of bathroom designs came with the increasing availability of reasonably-priced middle and high-end vanity sink chests. With foreign imports driving down the cost and increasing the availability of fine furniture for every room in the home, builders and consumers began to consider investing more design dollars in the room guests very often visit — the powder room. By choosing vanity styles to coincide with their home’s overall design genre, consumers have driven expansion in the vanity/sink chest market that produced a bevy of elegant and affordable products. Ball and Claw traditional vanities, French Provincial style sink chests, and hand-painted and hand-carved furniture sinks — the vanity market has truly embraced the realm of fine furniture. Never before have vanity choices been so plentiful or bathroom sink design concepts so broad. It’s not the usual sink and cabinet combo anymore; it’s a whole new ball game.

A Statement Piece – A Statement Place

Forget about Narcissus, and make your vanity a virtue. Let your vanity make a statement about you. Keep the New Yorker and Reader’s Digest, for sure, but let your bathrooms tell more about you than just your literary preferences. Make a gorgeous vanity the focal point of your bath, and with a painted canvas work of art, some carefully contemplated accessories, and perhaps even a beautiful chandelier, allow the bathroom to complement your taste and your commitment to design throughout your home.

Don’t reflect too long before deciding it’s time for a beautiful furniture vanity in your fine home. I promise you’ll love yourself for it!